Links for Middle School
Students and Teachers

Click Here for great lesson plans on various topics related to Lincoln, sponsored by The Lincoln Forum. This also connects you to other web sites for additional information about the Civil War, the White House, Lincoln's friend's and personal life, and his visits to New York.
*For middle school and up.

Click Here for An Internet Buddy activity. Pairs older students with younger students, but would work equally well with just a classmate. Nice list of Internet resources, such as an overview of Lincoln's life.

Click Here for links with stats, historical documents, and other material on Lincoln.
*For 5th/6th grade students.

Click Here for educational material, including lesson plans for students in grades 6-8 and grades 9-12

Click Here for a teacher’s guide for Freedman’s book “Lincoln: A Photobiography”, that also has good suggestions for activities without using the book.
Teacher Activity 1
Teacher Activity 2
Teacher Activity 3
Teacher Activity 4
Teacher Activity 5
* For 5th through 8th grade students

Click Here for a C-Span web site that includes a few good items concerning Lincoln. *For middle school and up.

Click Here for an award winning contribution to the study of Abraham Lincoln. Here, you can actually ask questions about Lincoln that Lincoln scholars will answer. There is also information on books, Lincoln’s speeches, contests for students, teacher lesson plans and resources, and Lincoln’s assassination.
*For middle school students

Click Here to view a resource for scholars and groups involved in the study of the life of Abraham Lincoln, featuring a weekly quiz, maps, political cartoons and commentary, links to web resources and a teacher section
*For middle school up.

Click Here to view a teaching guide that lists some very good questions and activities about Lincoln, based on the book Janis Herbert wrote called “Abraham Lincoln for Kids – His Life and Times with 21 Activities.
*Upper elementary through middle school students

Click Here for a great web site for activities and projects related to Abraham Lincoln.
*Elementary and middle school students


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