Links to Further Reading for all ages


Click Here to view the official Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum web site. Among the many options available, the teacher resource feature is especially good.
*For all ages.

Click here for a variety of resources to assist teachers and students. It offers professional development opportunities for educators, provides primary documents, learning tools, and exercises for classroom use.

Click Here for a great reading list for all grades. Also contains a master list of resources and teaching material.

Click Here to view a commercial web site that lists books for sale about Abraham Lincoln. There is a brief description of each book, the grade level, and a picture of the cover for most of the books.
*For all ages.

Click Here to read an online book about Abraham Lincoln’s life.

Click Here to view an excellent web site owned by B. Frochlich. This should be the first stop for all primary teachers wishing to do a unit on Abraham Lincoln. It has everything you will need, including a list of books for all ages!

Click Here to read an online book of Lincoln’s personal life

For teachers- A web site that explains how K-12 teachers can apply for a Fellowship to study the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln. The program includes round-trip transportation to Springfield, Illinois, lodging, and most meals.

START LEARNING HERE! - Probably the first web site on Abraham Lincoln that you should visit.

To find out more about the National Bicentennial Organization, Click Here!

Find lesson plans appropriate for your grades K through 8 and grades 9 through 12, developed by institutions like the National Archives, the Organization for American Historians, the Abraham Lincoln Association, Indiana Humanities Council, and the White House Historical Association. The lesson plans address poetry, art history, the Lincoln-Douglas debates, civil liberties, women, and political theology, among others.